About Wash World Laundry

Wash World Laundry is changing the typical laundry experience. Did somebody say faster, cleaner and safer laundry? You bet we did! Learn a bit more about us and how we operate below.

Whole New Laundry Experience

We aim to provide you with a whole new laundry experience. Safe and well-lit facilities, friendly attendants, comfy seating and free wi-fi. A better laundry experience across the board.

   Advanced Laundry Technology

We value your time. Don’t spend a whole day doing one load after another. Use our advanced laundry technology to get your clothing cleaned quickly.

   Proper Laundering

We strive to properly launder your clothing to keep your garments in tip-top shape. Our front-loading washers and highly advanced dryers will minimize garment damage from agitation and heat.

   Sustainably-Minded Operations

We approach our operations with the environment in mind. Sustainability is paramount to Wash World with our high-efficiency machines and overall operational practices. We also offer plenty of natural cleaners to treat your clothes gently and effectively.

Community Commitment

Wash World is actively engaged with local 501c3 organizations to help people who need laundry. Learn more about our charity efforts here.

   High-End Laundry Services

We offer high-end laundry services at a reasonable price. Whether that’s self-service, wash and fold, or commercial laundry, we are here for you. Our Wash World laundry card gives you an opportunity for even more incentives. Come visit us today!