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Wash World Laundry is actively engaged with 501c3 organizations to help people who need laundry.
As part of our commitment to our communities, we will add $5 to a $15 pre-purchased laundry card for all 501C-3 non profits. Learn more about what a few organizations had to say about working with us.
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    We want to express our gratitude to Wash World Laundry for allowing the purchase of laundry vouchers at a 33% discount. As a non-profit it can be hard for us to find all of the funds to meet the array of needs of people living in homelessness in Clark County. Your kindness has made it possible for people in our community to access this essential need during these trying times.   Our Outreach Team meets with many people who have not been able to access basic need services and being able to help them get their laundry done has been extremely helpful. Everyone that we have been able to assist by giving a Wash World Laundry card to has been so grateful and couldn’t say thank you enough. Thank you again for your generosity.   Amy Reynolds, MSW Deputy Director – Share Vancouver   Just before the onset of the COVID – 19 pandemic, Clark County’s homeless community lost a valuable resource; the ability to do their laundry. This created a real problem for the people I work with! My clients were living outside in the elements, without the ability to clean their clothes or shower at a time when government and media were directing people to “stay home”, “stay clean”, and “wash your hands”. As a Homeless Outreach case Manager, I had to come up with some kind of avenue to protect and support my folks! I got the go ahead from management to start calling local laundromats. Wash World Laundry agreed to help our clients and became the laundry hero in the community! My clients are so grateful! A $20 Wash World laundry card gave HOPE and RELIEF too many! Thank you Wash World Laundry for being there for our community when generosity and support was needed the most! Tiffany Hayes, AAC/CPC Homeless Outreach Case Manager - Sea Mar Community Health Centers The Vancouver St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to thank you for your very generous donation of 25% additional credit on the laundry cards that we provided to individuals and families in need. We appreciate this kindness and contribution, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, when laundry services at the Navigation Center and Laundry Love were suspended. Because of your generosity, we were able to provide a safe place to wash clothing during this historic time! Carolyn Palmer, Executive Director - Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Vancouver, WA)

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