Laundry Tips

Wash World is staffed with laundry specialists to help our customers find and choose a machine to get the best bang for the buck. Remember, it is all about the Total Spend of your laundry service. Here is a great guide on choosing the proper machine depending on the size of your load of laundry.


Total Spend

At Wash World it is all about Total Spend. You might notice that you pay a little more to wash but will pay significantly less to dry since we have lots of different sizes of equipment. By utilizing the correct machine(s) you spend the same, or less, per pound and you are in and out in half the time!


Our washers are designed to be filled up. In fact, the fuller they are, the better your items will be cleaned. By selecting the proper size of machine and inserting the right amount of soap not only helps reduce what you need to spend, it will help your items get as clean as possible.


Our dryers are designed to be filled to 50% capacity to ensure you spend as little as possible. Heat reduces the life of any garment, blanket or personal item – so using Wash World’s equipment not only saves you money – it helps extend the life of the items laundered here.