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Searching for a laundromat that fits your lifestyle (and gets your clothes clean quickly!) isn’t always as clear-cut as it should be though. Here’s a short guide of tips that can help you pick the laundromat that works for you.

#1: Convenience

Who can beat a convenient laundry option? It’s hard to!

This one’s likely a no-brainer, but you definitely want to search for a nearby laundromat when vetting options. If you have to drive to the next town over, you’re doing it wrong!

But beyond being close, there are a few other convenience factors to weight. Check online (or reviews) to see if there are plenty of machines (which means more people can wash, dry, and fold at the same time), and if those machines are high-capacity and energy efficient.

And these days, convenience also means they have a plan for safely handling COVID-19. You can’t be too careful!

#2: Cost

This one speaks for itself.

Look for a place that’s upfront about costs and doesn’t seem to want to nickel and dime you for every other part of your experience. Most laundromats should keep pricing simple:

  • Set price for washer and dryer use
  • Simple, low pricing for detergents and dryer sheets

And that’s about it. You may also find some laundromats that sell other necessities (like hampers or lint rollers), which is great! But make sure you’re not paying double what you would for picking those up at your local supermarket before you buy.

#3: Customer-Friendly

Last but not least, make sure you’re walking into a customer-oriented laundromat before you start doing your laundry!

That means a few things:

  • They answer the phone with a smile, and helpfully answer your questions
  • Online reviews are stellar
  • Facilities are clean and family-friendly

If you don’t feel like your priorities are being taken care of a laundromat, it’s time to look for a new one! Come Visit Us!